The Buffy/Angel Saga

From the first moment they met, the relationship was doomed.  He’s a 243 year old vampire and she’s a 16 year old girl.  Yes, doomed.

Mysterious, brooding, dashing and debonair.  Angel was to be the perfect match for our hero, the Slayer.  He hides in the shadows, lurking, until it’s time to warn her of some danger that she always seems to defeat.  Meanwhile, Angel watches from afar.

The relationship is more than just

He’s loved her from the start, even before he met her, which he mentions on more than one occasion, not only to Buffy, but to Giles, Willow, and Xander.  And everyone else.  He’s the mystery guy that appears out of nowhere.  And the mystery is part of his charm.  He put his afterlife on the line for her.  He’d go to the ends of the earth and back if he thought it would save her.  But that is his downfall.

Well, that, and his soul.

Buffy, on the other hand, possesses qualities of the typical 16 year old high school sophomore, and her relationship with Angel appears to be the typical high school crush on the older guy.  Which is not without its faults.  They are soulmates, destined to be together, but their timing is way off.  Perhaps by a couple hundred years.

There are many reasons their relationship didn’t and wouldn’t work.  First of all, Angel is a vampire, and Buffy is the Slayer.  They shouldn’t exist in a relationship.  He should be dead, because she should have killed him.  They are sworn enemies.

But that also didn’t stop Buffy and Spike’s torrid relationship from taking off.

To address this Vampire/Slayer relationship, first we must think of the history of the Buffyverse.  The Slayer is chosen to fight vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.  She is the scourge of the underworld.  To vampires especially.  As it can be seen in the Buffyverse, it is the goal of most, if not all vampires to either kill the Slayer or make her life miserable.    They hate her, as they have always hated her.  And how can we blame them for hating her when she is killing off their entire species, one vamp at a time.  Angel, however, defies the stereotypes and the history.  He was cursed with a soul, with the humanity pulsating through him.

Even Buffy can’t seem to fall in line and do as her calling says and she falls in love with Angel.  The only boundary that was placed on their relationship was sex, which was merely hinted at by saying,

If Angel has one moment of true happiness, then he would lose his soul.

Which means if Angel gets a happy, then he goes all dark Angelus evil guy again.

When the happy actually happens, and it is inevitable from the beginning, and once Angel’s soul is restored, Angel tries to do the mature and responsible thing and leaves Buffy to move to LA, which he felt to be in her best interest as well as his.  She regretted that he made that decision for her.

Another reason why their relationship was doomed from the start is their intense lack of communication.  Of course, Angel is never forthcoming with any information, even when danger is on the horizon.  He shows up, warns Buffy of imminent danger, and fades into the darkness, not to be seen again until the next time there’s danger.  It isn’t until Buffy’s mom is in the hospital because of Darla in Season One’s revealing episode Angel that Buffy and Angel start being honest and truthful with each other.  Unfortunately, neither Buffy nor Angel had the luxury of being able to say exactly what they were thinking.

Buffy is the Slayer and must remain alone.  But that doesn’t stop Buffy from trying to lead a normal life and having a relationship.  Angel, however, is the first to imply that their relationship would never work.  Perhaps his opinion lies in his 243 years of life and experience.

Now, if there is one luxury that they both share, it is the shared knowledge that they love each other more than anything else.

They are destined to be together, and doomed from the start.  And they both knew it.


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