Buffy and Faith, the Chosen Two

“You’re the bad Slayer now?  Wait!  I’m the good Slayer now?”

“We’re Slayers.  There’s only supposed to be one.  We’re not supposed to exist together.  That’s why we don’t get along.”

Slayer vs. Slayer.  There’s only supposed to be one.  One girl in all the world, chosen to stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness.  They weren’t supposed to exist at the same time.

But it was Buffy that changed the prophecy and the legend of the Slayer line.  Buffy died, and the world was changed forever.

When Buffy died the first time, Kendra was called to taker her place.  According to the prophecy, Buffy and Kendra were never supposed to meet each other, let alone fight together.  With Kendra’s appearance in Sunnydale, Buffy was forced to examine her own Slayerness.  She began to understand that it wasn’t something she could just get out of.  Being a Slayer wasn’t something to be taken lightly.  She saved lives, and that was supposed to mean something.  She was saving the world one vampire at a time.

After Kendra was murdered in cold blood by Drusilla, Faith was Chosen to be the next Slayer.  She watched as her Watcher was killed, and fled to Sunnydale to seek protection.  Upon meeting Buffy, she was immediately the exact opposite of everything Buffy was.  She was the dark Slayer.  Faith was the good Slayer to begin with, but she was everything Buffy was not.  She enjoyed slaying.  She was the party girl and a rebel.

Faith even began to act as the devil on Buffy’s shoulder.  “Want.  Take.  Have.”  That was Faith’s motto.  Buffy started buying into that way of thinking, until the accidental murder of an innocent man, who worked for Mayor Wilkins.  Once Buffy realized that Faith was darker than anyone thought, she began to take her Slayer duties more seriously.


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