30 Days of Buffy Day 2: Favorite Episode

A note: I think this will take less than 30 days to get through, just because I love Buffy and I’m very excited to go through and figure out all my answers to these prompts.

Now, without further hesitation…

30 Days of Buffy Day 2: Favorite Episode

There are so many great episodes.  Out of 7 seasons and 144 episodes there’s very few not to love.  There are so many great lines and stories, the writing, the characters… it’s more difficult than I thought to pick just one out of 144.

There’s a lot of things that determine if an episode is good.  Does it make you laugh?  Does it make you cry?  How memorable is it?  The question then becomes which criteria do you base you favorite episode on?

Typically, as much as I love the episodes that make me laugh hysterically and the lines that make me giggle, I find that it’s more important to me to really be touched by an episode.  To really be affected by it.  To have it tear you apart from the inside out.

For me, that episode is The Body.  I had never cried to much while watching TV in my entire life.  The idea that Joyce died of a brain aneurism rather than by a vampire or demon is more than heartbreaking.  Seeing Buffy break down and be human rather than being a Vampire Slayer… it was if I was going through exactly what she was going through at that very moment.

But the whole series is an emotional roller coaster… so there’s that.


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