Adam… is for A

Adam.  Ugh.  Adam.  My all time least favorite villain EVER.  There was nothing good or exciting about this guy other than when he was defeated, the worst season was over, and we could get back to our regularly scheduled Buffy.

I don’t even understand what the purpose of that was.  Did they run out of ideas?

Ok, I’m being harsh in my hatred for Adam.  But he doesn’t hold a candle to the Master, from season one who was pretty iffy after we saw some of the other Big Bads of the Buffyverse.  Angelus, Glory, Evil Willow, the First.  Come on.  Adam was just this crazy humanoid made of extra parts.  Ewww.  I hate that.  I didn’t like the miscellaneous parts when they did it in Some Assembly Required from season two.

Enough ranting about Adam.  I guess he served a purpose in being a vehicle for moving the story along, so I can’t complain that much.

Wonder what I’m doing?  It’s called the Ato Z Challenge.  Check it out here.


4 thoughts on “Adam… is for A

  1. I liked the final defeat of Adam where they had to all combine their power, but yeah… that’s about all the good I can say about Adam, too.

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