Back to Basics

… but not quite “Here endeth the lesson.”

I’ve been participating (for all of two days… or four, depending on how you look at it) in a Buffy and Twitter trending topic called #BuffyRewatch.  Like, I’m totally geeking out over it.  Like, for days, I’ve been so excited just waiting for this to happen.  And it finally started.  Thanks to some pretty cool people over at No White Noise, worldwide, there are many MANY people geeking out watching Buffy together, at the same time, and talking about in on Twitter.  And I’m totally participating.

So, what this #BuffyRewatch thing is is this: people watching their DVDs, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes or other whathaveyou the same Buffy episode at the same time and live tweeting comments and reactions.  Some people have seen Buffy before, and some haven’t.  And as a community thing, I think it’s great.  And for those who haven’t seen Buffy before, I think there’s no time like the present (always, anytime, anywhere) to start watching such a great show.

ANYway.  So this started on Friday night, when collectively, we all watched the first four episodes of the series, and every Monday night thereafter will consist of three more episodes until we get to the end of season 3.

And what this all means to me, aside from bonding with people with whom I have something in common, but also that I want to refocus on what I came to this blog to do: write about Buffy.  And more specifically, write a book about Buffy.

I have a great outline, and so many good ideas, I think that it’s about time to get them out and really start organizing them into something I would totally read (and buy).

So back at it I go.