Dawn… starts with D

Probably an obvious choice for D… or maybe not.

Dawn started out being my least favorite character (along with Riley), but as she became more integrated with the group, the higher up my like list she got.

A few things about Dawn:

  • She was the Key.
  • She was inserted into Buffy‘s life/world by monks trying to save the world.
  • Glory was obsessed with finding the key so she could go home to her own dimension.
  • Dawn was ready to sacrifice herself to save the world – but Buffy did it first.
  • Once, she thought she was a potential Slayer, but promptly and nobly gave up the responsibility when the time was right.

Sure, Dawn was why and annoying at times, but she did get some redeeming qualities the more integrated she became.  In season 5, she was the obnoxious and annoying little sister, but season 6 saw a whole new Dawn.  She’d lost her mother, then her sister.  I think she did some growing up.  Of course, she had her moments of being the annoying little sister still.  But that had nearly totally disappeared by season 7, where she was becoming a pro Watcher-in-Training.

I promise, Dawn, I won’t hate you anymore.


30 Days of Buffy Day 7: Least Favorite Male Character

Riley.  Riley.  And did I mention Riley?  Because I’m pretty sure it’s Riley.

Why so hesitant, you ask.

Well, because I just don’t like Riley.  He was supposed to be the normal guy for Buffy, but he turned out to be Mr. Initiative.  And when he finally realized Buffy had commitment issues, he tried giving her an ultimatum.  But that was AFTER he got all friendly with a couple of vamps letting them suck his blood for money.

He wasn’t all that accepting when Joyce was sick.  Sure, he said he wanted to be there for Buffy, and he freaked when she wouldn’t let him in.  It’s like he didn’t understand her Slayerhood.

And then he came back married and throwing it in Buffy’s face… sort of.

Also, he was dry.

30 Days of Buffy Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character

I’m trying very hard not to say Kennedy, as I really found her unlikable, as does most of the Buffy-loving world, in my opinion.  I think I loved Tara so much for Willow, and Oz before that, that Kennedy seems like just another girl, not really the kind to involve yourself with forever.

Dawn was always a character I didn’t care for in season 5.  She was whiny and new, and that made her the outsider.  But then again, most new characters that come in have to go through some sort of hazing period before they became okay and acceptable.

There was Riley‘s new wife that showed up in “As You Were.”  She was the type that wanted to be accepted, felt like she knew everyone from Riley talking so much about them, but Buffy was almost obligated to dislike her.  No one knew where she came from just because Riley had been MIA for at least a year by then.

And then… there’s Kendra.  The first Slayer that was called after Buffy died the first time.  She was very by the books, and genuinely annoyed Buffy because she was very much a classic Slayer and much less a renegade.  Also, she had a horrible accent of unknown origin.

So, out of the four women I disliked, unfortunately, I’m going to have to go with my original instinct and choose Kennedy.  Not only was she not Tara, which was the reason for her character, but she was just very forward and obnoxious and bratty.

I don’t know if it was the character or the way the actor played the character, but I just could not stand her.  Even after I’ve seen the series several times through, I just can’t bring myself to like her.

I think Kennedy takes Willow to new, open places, which, I’ll admit, is good for Willow.  Life does go on, and there are people out there who are open and ready to take you to new places.

But I still don’t like Kennedy.

Sorry Kennedy.